Unconscious Husband Meet Her Love

It was a day filled with mixed emotions for Ariana Edwards. Tomorrow, she was scheduled to undergo artificial insemination surgery, while today was meant to be her wedding day. But life had dealt her a cruel hand, as her husband-to-be, Theodore Anderson, lay comatose after a horrific car accident three months ago.

The Anderson family, known for their fixation on succession and legacy, was desperate to ensure Theodore’s bloodline would continue. So, Theodore’s father, Darian Anderson, took it upon himself to find his son a wife. The solution? Inseminating Ariana with Theodore’s frozen sperm before his inevitable passing.

As Ariana stared at the consent form presented to her, her complexion paled, and a subtle sense of panic filled her eyes. She needed time to collect her thoughts and carefully consider this life-altering decision. Trembling with emotion, she asked the lawyer for a moment alone.

In the silence that followed the lawyer’s departure, Ariana placed the consent form on the table and reached for her phone. She needed to call Jasper Anderson, her secret boyfriend and Theodore’s half-brother, for guidance.

Jasper was the mastermind behind this wedding, offering Ariana an opportunity to regain control of her life. After the surgery and Theodore’s passing, Ariana and Jasper planned to marry, allowing her to reclaim her deceased mother’s belongings. Initially agreeing to the plan, Ariana now found herself unsure if she could go through with it.

Seeking comfort and counsel, Ariana attempted to contact Jasper, but her calls went unanswered. Overwhelmed with anxiety, she decided to look for him herself. Removing her high heels and holding them in her hands, she quietly walked down the corridor, her heart pounding in her chest.

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As Ariana neared the last lounge at the end of the corridor, her footsteps came to a sudden halt. A faint noise escaped through the slightly open door – a familiar giggle. Curiosity consumed her, and she peered inside through the crack.

To her dismay, Ariana saw her half-sister, Brielle Edwards, intimately entwined with Jasper on the sofa. Shocked and heartbroken, she overheard Jasper’s words as he pushed Brielle away, expressing concern over Ariana’s commitment to the impending wedding.

The revelation struck Ariana to her core. Her mind raced with conflicting emotions. She had trusted Jasper, seeking solace in their secret relationship, only to discover his betrayal. Standing there, barefoot in the corridor, Ariana’s heart ached with the weight of her shattered dreams.

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In this gripping tale of love, tragedy, and deceit, Ariana Edwards finds herself torn between duty, loyalty, and the pursuit of her own happiness. With her unconscious husband as the center of a desperate family’s plans, she must navigate a treacherous path to reclaim control over her own life.

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