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Boulder Daily Camera, Dec. 22, 2008 :

“The book is about characters who used to suck their thumbs, but need their hands to rescue cats or go to a
ballet dance,” Van Ness said.

Van Ness said the puppets, which come along with the book, play a huge role in curing children from the thumb-sucking habit.

“I took it one step further and created these thumb puppets in the likeness of the characters in the book,” she said. “The child puts these on their thumbs to remind them to stop sucking their thumbs. Its like a doll in a way — but it’s a thumb puppet.”

As it turns out, thumb sucking is not only an unsightly habit, but can also have dental ramifications. “It can make your palette narrow and it flares upper teeth forward,” said Boulder dentist Michael D. Jones. “When that happens it creates crowding, leading to orthodontic problems.”

In comparison to other methods to prevent thumb-sucking — such as plastic thumb guards, foul tasting nail polish and even a tube sock duct-taped over the hand — Jones said “Thumbuddy to Love” provides a fun and effective method to deter the habit.

“It’s good to get everyone in the family on the same team working with the child,” he said. “When you do that you get a lot more success.”

Jones has carried “Thumbuddy to Love” in his office for about a month and is already seeing definite results. Book helps kids avoid thumb-sucking.

“We had one family of three where all stopped thumb sucking in three days,” he said. “The book seems to be working really well.”

In addition to the stories of Fireman Fred and Ballerina Sue, the back of the book offers a calendar where children can put a sticker on each day they go without sucking their thumbs.

With the thumb-sucking-free adventures of Fireman Fred and Ballerina Sue already in action, Van Ness hopes. to create more characters with new stories to help children kick the habit.

“In the future I want to develop a whole line of them,” she said. “There are a lot of thumb suckers out there. This provides a constant reminder and a positive teaching tool.”

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Press Release

Announcing New Product, Thumbuddy to Love, Helps Stop Kids from Sucking Their Thumb in a Positive and Fun Way (Boulder, CO) Thumbuddy to Love is a new positive teaching tool and book to help stop thumb sucking and finger sucking! This product is now available online through Thumbuddy to Love website and children’s and book retail stores. This product is designed for children 3-6 years old and will be sold at a retail price of $19.95.

The first positive teaching tool of its kind, this children’s book and interactive thumb puppet is an encouraging new way to teach kids how to stop thumb sucking and finger sucking. Created by a former thumb sucker, Andrea Van Ness, Thumbuddy to Love is a book that parents can read and an interactive thumb puppet that kids can place on their thumb to remind them to stop thumb sucking.


Thumb SuckingEndorsed by dentists, this positive teaching tool can be used to help prevent improper growth of baby and adult teeth due to thumb sucking. “I believe that the booklet and the fun and exciting finger puppets of Thumbuddy to Love can be a great tool in encouraging children to give up thumb or finger sucking in a gratifying and fun adventure.” promotes Michael D. Jones DDS , Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and Past President of the Colorado Academy of Pediatric Dentistry. Reminding children at an early age to give up thumb sucking is beneficial as prolonged thumb sucking can cause problems with proper growth of the mouth and alignment of the teeth, It may also cause changes to the roof of mouth.



There are two characters developed, with plans to increase the line in the coming year. “Fireman Fred”, is a boy version character with a playful fireman outfit and a girl version as a dancing ballerina called “Ballerina Sue”.

Thumbuddy to Love is a company based out of Boulder, Colorado. It manufacturers and develops interactive products to help children stop unwanted and harmful behaviors.