Parenting with 14 Principles for Gospel-Centered Guidance


Parenting is undoubtedly a challenging journey that requires wisdom and guidance. In his book, Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family, Paul Tripp emphasizes the transformative power of the gospel and God’s unwavering grace. Tripp’s insights offer a fresh perspective, pointing us towards the one thing that can make a significant difference in our parenting—an authentic encounter with the living God. Let’s delve into the wisdom and practicality of Tripp’s principles.

Endorsements from Respected Figures

TobyMac, Hip-Hop Artist and Songwriter

TobyMac, a renowned hip-hop recording artist, music producer, and songwriter, lauds Tripp’s work, stating that Tripp consistently directs our attention to the life-giving power of the gospel and God’s ever-present grace. He emphasizes that parenting is an enormous challenge, and Tripp guides us towards the essential element that can truly make an impact—an authentic encounter with God.

Ann Voskamp, New York Times Best-Selling Author

In the words of Ann Voskamp, a highly acclaimed New York Times best-selling author, she considers every word written by Paul Tripp to be invaluable. She emphasizes that she cannot afford to miss any of Tripp’s writings, as they hold immense significance.

Francis Chan, New York Times Best-Selling Author

Francis Chan, a New York Times best-selling author known for his books Crazy Love and Forgotten God, acknowledges that Parenting is the most meaningful book he has encountered in a long time. He states that Tripp masterfully merges theological depth with practicality—something rarely found in parenting books. Chan admits that even though people have often encouraged him to write his own parenting book, after reading Tripp’s work, he believes that he could never produce anything better. He expresses a mixture of sorrow, realizing his past parental failures, and excitement, fueled by newfound insight that empowers him to become a better parent.

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Gloria Furman, Author of Labor with Hope and Missional Motherhood

Gloria Furman, author of books like Labor with Hope and Missional Motherhood, wholeheartedly recommends Parenting. She highlights that Tripp’s book goes beyond mere parenting tips and obligations, skillfully revealing the privilege of being ambassadors of Jesus Christ to our children. Furman acknowledges that people from diverse cultural backgrounds will benefit greatly from Tripp’s call to live in light of the grace and hope found in Jesus.

Webb Simpson, Professional Golfer and 2012 US Open Champion

Webb Simpson, a professional golfer and the 2012 US Open Champion, finds Tripp’s book particularly timely. As a parent raising four young children, Simpson and his wife crave guidance. While there are countless books offering parenting tips for behavioral correction, Simpson appreciates that Parenting delves deeper, addressing the root of the issue—the heart. By understanding our children on a heart level and grasping the essence of the gospel, we can effectively parent them in the way God intends. Simpson urges parents to read this remarkable book, vouching for the blessings it will undoubtedly bring.

Jacob Tamme, Former NFL Tight End

Jacob Tamme, a former NFL tight end, openly acknowledges his imperfections as a parent and invites others to do the same. He emphasizes that Parenting is not merely another self-help guide on becoming a flawless parent. Instead, Tripp encourages readers to view their relationship with God and their children through a broader lens. Tamme, a parent in a bustling household, finds Tripp’s insights both challenging and refreshing. He considers the book a blessing that will transform the parenting journey, inspiring reverence, joy, and a loving heart.

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In Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family, Paul Tripp presents revolutionary insights into the art of parenting. By embracing these gospel-centered principles, we can experience profound transformation in our families. Tripp’s guidance encourages us to root our parenting in a genuine encounter with God, allowing His grace to shape our approach. Parenthood is a sacred responsibility, one that we should embrace with reverence, joy, and an open heart. To embark on this journey of transformative parenting, visit Thumbuddy To Love to explore Paul Tripp’s groundbreaking book.