Thumbuddy To Love – Stop Thumb/Finger Sucking or Pacifier Sucking

Thumbuddy To Love for Thumb Suckers

Thumbuddy To Love is a positive teaching tool along with an illustrated story book, thumb puppet and success chart to help stop thumb sucking. The thumb puppet can be worn day or night and is a positive reminder of the importance to stop thumb or finger sucking. The book includes a calendar with stickers, so children get involved, marking off days they do not suck their thumb/fingers.

No bitter polishes, no shame or embarrassment! Thumbuddy To Love is easy to use and kids love it! Available for boys (Fireman Fred) and girls (Ballerina Sue).

The Binky Fairy for Pacifier Suckers

Thumbuddy To Love – The Binky Fairy
Help your child give up the pacifier with the Binky Fairy. The Binky Fairy comes with a children’s illustrated story book and interactive Binky Fairy finger puppet and can help children survive the weaning period of giving up their pacifier. Similar to the Tooth Fairy, parents read the adorable story of The Binky Fairy the night before as children look forward to waking up to their Binky Fairy puppet knowing their Binkys were replaced to help other children. The Binky Fairy puppet comes with removable wings and children learn the story of how she became The Binky Fairy by helping children around the world give up their pacifier without the sadness or fuss. Each Binky Fairy comes with a hard back book and also comes with a success chart and stickers. Winner of the PTPA Awards

How to stop thumb sucking in a fun, positive and memorable way: If you want your child to stop thumb sucking, consider making it fun, positive and enjoyable. It is hard for kids to give up thumb sucking because it is so comforting and they probably have been doing it since they were babies. Rather than replace their thumb sucking with a plastic thumbguard or a bitter thumb sucking remedy such as bitter polish that kids despise, Get a Thumbuddy! Remember to never shame a child into stopping thumb sucking…It will only make them want to suck more! Introduce Thumbuddy To Love® to your child and they will want to break the habit. They will learn that growing up can be fun like the heroes in the Thumbuddy To Love™ books and by taking their matching thumb puppets everywhere including to bed. The fun sticker charts remind them that they can give up thumb sucking easily. Thumbsuckers love Thumbuddy to Love®!

How to stop pacifier sucking: Stop pacifier sucking with the Binky Fairy. Stopping binky or pacifier sucking is easy with Thumbuddy To Love®: The Binky Fairy. Parents now have any easy tool to help explain where the binky/pacifier goes. Children are comforted knowing their binkies are helping other babies in the hospital as the story goes. Just like the tooth fairy, the Binky Fairy comes in the middle of the night and replaces the pacifiers with an adorable Binky Fairy doll/puppet that is left under the pillow. By reading the Binky Fairy the night before, children are excited to know that the Binky Fairy is coming. Growing up and giving up pacifier sucking can be fun with the Binky Fairy!