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50 Extraordinary Love Poems for Valentine’s Day: 2017 Edition

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Hey there, fellow poetry enthusiasts and hopeless romantics! It’s that time of the year again – Valentine’s Day! To celebrate this day of love, we’ve curated a playlist of amazing love poems just for you. Take a moment to indulge in the beauty of these poems that capture the essence of love. You can find the full playlist here, or read on for a taste of each poem.

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A Collection of Love Poems

Asia Samson – “90s Love”

“I yearn to love you like it’s the 90s, back when we crafted book covers from paper bags.”

Bernard Ferguson – “Message (after Khary Jackson)”

“I have always believed that man was born complete, but for all this time, I have been the piece that complements him.”

Jamie Mortara – “Some Things You Need to Know Before Dating Me”

“I’m fond of long walks on the beach, straight into the depths of the ocean.”

Sabrina Benaim – “How to Unfold a Memory”

“Love, that captivating and beautifully terrifying creature; find your way back to it through a trail of ephemeral smoke.”

Anis Mojgani – “Today’s Love”

“Sometimes, we humans can be quite foolish, but despite it all, I adore you – this amalgamation of triviality, perseverance, and lightness.”

Haley Mosley – “Walls Waltz”

“My bed carries the scent of him today, even though he has never set foot in it.”

Eric S. – “Virginity Lost”

“The truth is, sex held little significance to me even before I experienced it.”

Khary Jackson – “Carolina”

“When you first declared your love for me, I broke free from the chains of oppression.”

Aaliyah Jihad – “Ode to Aaliyah’s Mission to Experience Something for the First Time”

“Maybe this isn’t the typical rose petals, candlelit, promise ring, and deflowering tale that everyone raves about, but who needs a conventional love story anyway?”

Erin Schick – “Identity: A Love Story”

“Asexual identity grants me the freedom to prioritize self-love above all else.”

Sarah Kay & Phil Kay – “When Love Arrives”

“Love will whisper words of adoration, assuring your beauty, repeatedly.”

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Edwin Bodney – “Good Morning”

“You will be my first refuge, the melody I crave at sunrise, the only dwelling where I truly find solace.”

Neil Hilborn – “OCD”

“I leave the door unlocked. I leave the lights on.”

Theresa Davis – “Like Like”

“Unbeknownst to him, he is more like me than he realizes, for I too am enamored by kind, intelligent women who relish food and engaging conversations.”

Sabrina Benaim – “First Date”

“My heart resembles a chaotic bedroom that I perpetually avoid tidying.”

Jesse Parent – “Hotbox Love”

“Within me lie scars as dark as charcoal, remnants of you, which I would gladly carve out to reach a sense of catharsis.”

Rachel Wiley – “Ten Honest Thoughts on Being Loved by a Skinny Boy”

“He professes his love for me, even with the lights glaring, revealing every flaw.”

Dominique Christina – “Crushes Suck and Everybody Knows It”

“Can’t you picture yourself hanging from my pen? Well, I’m here, eager to transcribe your presence in flowing, indelible ink.”

Kevin Yang – “How to Love Your Introvert”

“Understand that wearing my heart on my sleeve isn’t my style, but it doesn’t mean my love is any less intense than yours.”

Joy Young – “The Dress Poem”

“Like gazing at the sun, intense and blinding, leaving imprints etched in my mind, intertwining with other vivid memories.”

Bryan Roessel – “History of Collisions”

“Our hands intertwined for the very first time, delicately spinning into a gravitational dance of mutual embrace, unlike any collision we’ve experienced before.”

Talia Young – “The Virgin’s Lament”

“I crave to touch you with the same intensity as those who yearn to plunge off the precipice of Niagara Falls.”

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Jared Singer – “Love”

“Love is not a muscle; it cannot wither away from disuse.”

Bianca Phipps – “Almosts”

“The day you called me precocious was the day I felt truly at ease.”

Victoria Morgan – “How to Succeed in Heartbreak”

“Embrace the pain, as heartbreak is not about being fine; it’s about acknowledging that you were fine before.”

Jillian Christmas – “Just How some Folks Play the Blues”

“My first taste of a woman’s kiss, and suddenly the world resonates with music.”

Joyce Lee – “Mad Love”

“Everything occurs with purpose. For instance, I shattered the windows of your car to ensure you had the air you claimed to be gasping for.”

Lauren Bullock – “Love Notes”

“Perhaps I’ll never be the one who lies beside you at night, but let me be the love letter secreted beneath your pillowcase.”

Ollie Schminkey – “Two Twin Beds”

“To love someone is to construct a language of our own.”

Melissa Lozada-Oliva & Jonathan Mendoza – “Date My Mom!”

“My mother epitomizes independence; she doesn’t even require a date. That’s how appealing my mom is!”

Neil Hilborn – “Future Tense”

“Despite her absence, she still occupies a space within you that continues to overflow.”

Sean Patrick Mulroy – “Letter to a New Crush”

“Listen, I’ve been single for so long that I’ve witnessed entire porn careers blossom and wither.”

Kay Kron – “Poem for Greg”

“You handle unwieldy wood planks effortlessly, like a carefree child clutching bouquets of daisies. I wish to be that bouquet, carried by you with abandon.”

Sam Cook – “On Feeling Safe”

“I knew, from the way we moved in sync, that everything was alright.”

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Will Evans – “My Wife Is Shaped Like”

“My wife is the embodiment of ‘home.'”

Shane Hawley – “Sequins”

“When you sleep with your high school crush… eleven years after graduation… not everything about it feels magical.”

Khary Jackson – “How to Make Love”

“This is why you both exist here, not to hoard the breath of tomorrow, not to promise an end to murmured endearments, but because, right at this moment, you are two individuals weathered but unbroken.”

Emilee Nimetz – “The Warning Poem”

“Abstain from showering, for cleanliness will ignite desires, and I will be compelled to conceive a child with you.”

Paul Canada – “Cummunication”

“I desire to explore the entirety of your body, but only with your fervent consent. Let’s resurrect the art of intimate communication!”

Gage Wallace – “Joseph Speaks to Mary”

“In the years to come, our son will transform water into wine. Tonight, if you permit, I would convert this wine into an ocean.”

Aja Monet – “Weathering”

“Before you, every poem I wrote was an attempt to reach you, to will you into existence through the power of words.”

Christopher Stanly – “Fat Love”

“Fat love transcends what magazines, television, and movies depict. Boldly, we shed our shirts, proudly displaying the skin that only we understand.”

Lauren Zuniga – “Team F%&@ Up Your Sheets”

“Where this is leading, I have no clue. I simply aspire to be the captain of Team Fuck Up Your Sheets.”

Cam Awkward-Rich – “A Prude’s Manifesto”

“Often, I fantasize about binding a blonde boy to his bed, leaving him exposed and breathless, and then… walking away.”

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J. Scott Brownlee – “English 301”

“Thanks to you, I now comprehend the true meaning of desire.”

Adam Segal & Mikkel Snyder – “Raptors”

“Love is akin to a velociraptor.”

Sarah Kay – “Private Parts”

“Our definition of love includes ‘giving’ as a fundamental aspect.”

T Miller – “Halloween Suggestions for Your Ex-Lover”

“You should head to Wal-Mart and search for face paint that conceals the monster within you, transforming you into someone who genuinely cares about others.”

Kate Bailey – “Sex in Warzones”

“In these war-ravaged territories, our bodies serve as the ultimate manifestation of defiant resistance. The marksman eventually finds each of us.”

Sierra DeMulder – “The Unrequited Love Poem”

“A soulmate isn’t the one who merely brings you joy, but the one who stirs your very core.”

Enjoy this collection of love poems that will undoubtedly evoke a myriad of emotions within you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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