I Think I Love You: A Delightful Queer Retelling of Much Ado About Nothing

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Are you ready for a heartwarming enemies-to-lovers tale? Look no further than I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre, a super cute young adult romance and an incredible queer retelling of Much Ado About Nothing. Brace yourself for a rollercoaster of emotions as Emma and Sophia, two headstrong high school seniors, compete against each other for a chance to win a trip to the prestigious Los Angeles film festival.

The Characters

Emma, a romantic at heart, and Sophia, a self-proclaimed Grinch when it comes to love, are both determined to create a mind-blowing movie that will captivate the judges and the audience. Emma, who is bisexual, is eager to bring her dreams of creating a rom-com with a happily-ever-after for bisexual characters to life. Sophia, on the other hand, has witnessed the pain and sorrow that often accompany relationships and wants nothing to do with it. As they navigate their own emotional baggage and unexpected attraction to each other, you can’t help but root for these relatable and well-written characters.

The Writing Style

Prepare to be amazed by Auriane Desombre’s debut novel. With her flawless writing and witty banter, she effortlessly draws readers into the conflicting thoughts and emotions of Emma and Sophia. Every page is filled with the perfect blend of angst, humor, romance, and heart-breaking moments that will keep you hooked from start to finish.

Pros and My Favorite Parts

Thanks to Desombre’s storytelling prowess, you’ll fall head over heels in love with filmmaking as Emma, Sophia, and their friends embark on an unforgettable journey. Friendship and matchmaking take center stage, and Desombre skillfully portrays the deep bonds between these endearing characters. And let’s not forget to mention the adorable book cover that will leave you smiling every time you look at it!

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Cons and Heads Up

Believe it or not, there are zero complaints about this delightful read. Desombre has crafted a story that will leave you thoroughly satisfied and wanting more.

The Conclusion

I Think I Love You is more than just a romantic comedy. It beautifully explores the pressure that comes with coming out and emphasizes the importance of being true to oneself and following the heart’s desires. If you’re a fan of quirky young adult romances, meddling friends, and heart-tugging LGBTQ representation in film, this book is an absolute must-read.

TLDR (too long didn’t read)

Prepare to be enthralled by this hilarious enemies-to-lovers young adult romance. I Think I Love You will capture your heart from the first page till the last.

Excerpt from I Think I Love You by Auriane Desombre:

“Sophia looks me and my basic blue floral dress up and down. I shrink under her gaze. She comes with a healthy side of overconfident “I came out to my parents years ago and they still love me” vibe that rattles my nerves every time I see her. The sleek new Parisian haircut she’s sporting doesn’t help either.

Before either of us can say anything, Tom turns to Sophia with a giant smile on his face.

“Hey, we’re making a movie. What do you want to do?”

And just like that, Sophia, avowed relationship-hater, pops my happy gay rom-com-making bubble. It’ll destroy the movie if she’s on set, dragging us all down with her horrible love-is-stupid vibes.

“Direct, obviously,” Sophia says. “I learned loads about film while I was in France. We could do something really artsy and cool.”

I wrinkle my nose. Artsy is the last thing I want for my rom-com.

“I’m the director,” I say. “It was my idea in the first place, so you can’t fight me on it.”

At least she respects dibs. “Fine. I’ll be the screenwriter.”

“Myrah’s already writing it.”

“I’ll act, then,” Sophia says flatly.

I swallow. I’m out of excuses.

“That’s perfect,” Tom says.

“We needed an actress,” Kate says, pursing her lips at me. “You chose the perfect day to come back, Soph.”

I turn away from Sophia, looking back down at my notebook, but my mind stays stuck on her. Now that she’s back, she’ll ruin everything. How am I supposed to win this contest with a sweet love story when she spent all of freshman year hating on love every chance she got? She spent the whole time shitting on Tom for being in a relationship, and teasing me whenever I mentioned a favorite rom-com. I can’t have that kind of energy on my set.

“How did you even know we were here?” I mutter.

“I called Tom’s, and his dad told me,” she says. Her shoulders slump forward, and for a moment I feel bad.

But then I remember that she’s already threatening my movie, and I’m going to end up a single mess who never gets to go to LA. And die alone with Lady Catulet and all her future kittens.

Damn. Even in my wildest fantasies, my cat’s love life is more exciting than mine.

And with Little Miss France on my set, it’s gonna stay that way forever.”

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