How to Outsmart a Taurus Man and Win His Heart

Taurus men are known for their intelligence and their desire to test the loyalty and trustworthiness of those around them. Whether you want to make him obsessed with you or get back at him for playing games, there are several effective strategies that will work on a Taurus guy. By understanding his personality traits and behaviors, you can easily play mind games and come out victorious.

Ignite His Jealousy

One of the simplest ways to mess with a Taurus man’s mind is to make him insanely jealous. Taurus guys are prone to envy and possessiveness in relationships, so it’s easy to trigger them and play mind games. When a Taurus man chooses you as his partner, he expects loyalty and devotion in return. The key is to flirt with other men when he’s around or make it clear that your relationship isn’t exclusive. This technique is especially effective on your first date with a Taurus man. Give extra attention to the male bartender or server, or let him see you checking out other men in the room. But be careful not to make the #1 mistake that most women make with Taurus men…

Be More Stubborn Than Him

Taurus is notorious for being the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. While this trait can be a flaw, it also makes Taurus men incredibly persistent in achieving their goals. By competing with a Taurus man’s stubbornness, you can easily play mind games with him. Refuse to apologize after an argument, no matter how long it takes, or order something different from him when you go out for dinner. The key is to stand your ground and not give in to his demands. This will definitely mess with his head.

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Maintain Your Independence

Although Taurus men are usually easy-going, they can also be quite controlling. They prefer partners who let them take charge and follow their lead. Challenging his authority and resisting his attempts to control you will definitely mess with his mind. When he tells you to do something, do the opposite just to get under his skin. Show him that you’re independent and just as strong-willed as he is. This will make him question his own dominance and keep him on his toes.

Dominate Him Instead

Taurus men are traditional and enjoy taking on the role of the dominant partner in relationships. If you want to twist his mind, turn the tables and dominate him instead. Take the lead in the bedroom and be the one to initiate intimacy. In non-sexual situations, dominate him by making decisions for both of you without his input. For example, order for both of you at a restaurant before he has a chance to speak. By placing him in the submissive role, you’ll make him extremely uncomfortable and mess with his head.

Question His Loyalty

Loyalty is essential to a Taurus man in any relationship. Accusing him of being unfaithful or distant will drive him crazy, as he prides himself on being devoted and faithful. By questioning his loyalty and acting as though he hasn’t been the ideal partner, you’re playing with his mind. Act suspicious when he stays out late or accuse him of being with someone else. This will definitely make him rethink his actions and strive to prove his loyalty to you.

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Keep Him Guessing About Commitment

If you’re looking for a committed relationship with a Taurus man, be prepared to have patience. Taurus men take their time before committing because they want to be sure they’re making the right choice. Once you sense that he’s ready to commit, pull away from him and refuse to agree to exclusivity. Tell him you need more time to get to know him before settling down. Manipulate him by saying you’ve been patiently waiting for him, and now it’s his turn to be patient if he truly loves you.

Embrace Unpredictability

Taurus men value stability and reliability in their partners, as they are earth signs associated with these traits. To mess with his head, be impulsive and unpredictable. Change plans at the last minute, show up late, and don’t always answer his calls immediately. For instance, suggest skipping a planned theater outing for a spontaneous dinner at a new restaurant. This unpredictability will drive him crazy and make him question your reliability.

Challenge His Judgment

Taurus men like to take the lead and make important decisions for their relationships. Questioning his judgment or refusing to follow his advice will mess with his head. Ask for his opinion and then do the opposite of what he suggests. For instance, present two dress options and wear the one he didn’t choose. This will make him second-guess himself and wonder why he isn’t able to influence you.

Interrupt His Work Focus

Taurus men are hardworking and dedicated to their careers. They need partners who respect their work ethic and give them space to concentrate on their jobs. By interrupting his work and making him feel guilty for prioritizing it, you’ll easily mess with his mind. Send him messages or show up at his office unexpectedly, making it clear that you need his attention and disregard for his workload. This will play with his guilt and make him question his work-life balance.

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Be Hot and Cold with Affection

Taurus men communicate directly and appreciate partners who do the same. Playing mind games with affection can drive him crazy. Alternate between being extremely affectionate and distant, especially when it comes to physical touch. Be passionately affectionate one moment, and then withdraw or reject his advances the next. This will confuse him and make him wonder what he can do to regain your affection.

Remember, playing mind games should be done in a playful and lighthearted manner. At the end of the day, the goal is to create a stronger connection with your Taurus man, not to manipulate or hurt him. By using these strategies, you can captivate his attention and win his heart.

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