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If you’ve ever found yourself in a love/hate relationship with shapewear, I feel you. After going through a not-so-great liposuction experience, I was left with lumps and bumps that I constantly wanted to hide. While looser dresses were my usual go-to, sometimes I just wanted to rock a tight dress without worrying about imperfections. That’s when I discovered HoneyLove shapewear.

Why HoneyLove Shapewear Stands Out

You’ve probably seen the captivating HoneyLove Shapewear ads everywhere, and I was just as intrigued. So, I decided to give them a try. I purchased a form-fitting white sweater dress online, hoping that the thicker material would smooth out my bumps. Unfortunately, it didn’t quite deliver the desired effect. Determined to find a solution, I ordered a variety of HoneyLove styles to meet all my shapewear needs.

Introducing HoneyLove Shapewear

HoneyLove shapewear boasts some impressive features that piqued my interest. They claim to have solved the dreaded roll-down problem that plagues many shapewear products. With special structures hidden in the seams, their shapewear stays in place without the need for additional bra straps. Although they provide straps with your purchase, they assure you they’re not necessary.

Unlike other brands, HoneyLove skips the rubber grips that can irritate sensitive skin. They also differentiate between shapewear and sculptwear, with the latter offering targeted compression to shape and support specific areas. This strategic approach prevents the unwanted “leg squeeze” effect that can create unflattering bulges.

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Moreover, HoneyLove products are available in a wide range of sizes, from XS to 3X, ensuring that everyone can find their perfect fit. Plus, their shapewear is machine washable, eliminating the need for underwear while wearing them. They even provide a garment bag for easy laundry care. And let’s not forget the convenient gusset that allows you to use the restroom hassle-free.

My Try-On Review of HoneyLove Shapewear

Putting on HoneyLove shapewear for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable and breathable it felt. Yes, it was tight, but it was far from unbearable. Here are my thoughts on a few of their popular products:

HoneyLove The Queen Brief

The Queen Brief offers medium compression for a natural smoothing effect. Its powermesh brief hides panty lines while providing subtle booty support. However, as someone with a larger bottom, I found that it didn’t offer enough compression and ended up creating panty lines.

HoneyLove’s The Superpower Brief

Similar to the Queen Brief, the Superpower Brief features targeted compression panels for shaping and contouring. While it provided extra hold, it still gave me the dreaded panty line. If you, like me, prefer thongs, I’d recommend exploring other options.

HoneLove’s The SuperPower Short

The SuperPower Short, HoneyLove’s first product, stood out for all the right reasons. It featured targeted X compression that sculpted my waist while the boost bands lifted my booty. This style didn’t give me panty lines and avoided squeezing the fat out of my outer legs.

HoneyLove’s SuperPower Thong

Out of all the HoneyLove options, the SuperPower Thong became my personal favorite. With the same level of compression and flexible boning as the SuperPower Short, it combined comfort and functionality. The thong bottom made it ideal for avoiding visible panty lines.

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HoneyLove Bras

As someone who struggled with back fat, I was eager to try HoneyLove’s bras. The Invisible Lift V-Neck Bra proved to be a game-changer. Its comfortable fit and back-smoothing features instantly won me over. However, the reusable cups didn’t completely hide my nipples, necessitating the use of nipple covers. Alternatively, their other bras with thinner straps might be worth exploring.

A Final Review of HoneyLove Shapewear

Overall, I believe HoneyLove shapewear has the potential to meet a variety of shapewear needs. Unfortunately, due to my specific concerns with back fat, I decided not to keep any of the sculptwear pieces. However, if you don’t struggle with back fat, I have no doubt that you’ll love the support and comfort these products provide.

If you’re interested in trying HoneyLove shapewear, they offer helpful resources to ensure you find the perfect fit. You can measure yourself or even book a consultation with a Honeylove Fit Expert, who will provide tailored size and style recommendations.

Have you tried HoneyLove or have any other favorite shapewear brands? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below! And if you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, check out my Skims dupes blog post.

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