Faith Empowered by Love


The power of faith in Jesus Christ is not dependent on external rituals or observances. It is a faith that is activated and energized by love. In this article, we will explore the significance of faith and love in the life of a Christian.

The Motive Power of Faith

Faith in Jesus Christ is not a mere intellectual belief; it is a deep and devoted attachment to Him. It serves as the driving force behind our actions and decisions. Love is the law that guides and regulates our actions according to the will of Christ. This understanding of faith aligns with the teachings of St. James, emphasizing that genuine faith is not passive, but active and expressed through love.

Faith’s Foundation: Union with Christ

Our faith is rooted in our union with Christ. To be “in Christ Jesus” means more than adhering to a religious system. It signifies a deep spiritual connection with Him. This union is illustrated by Jesus’ parable of the vine, where our souls cling to Him, drawing spiritual vitality and strength. Our faith in Christ surpasses the significance of any external practices or observances, including circumcision. What truly matters is faith operating through love.

The Ineffectiveness of Circumcision

The apostle Paul repeatedly emphasizes that neither circumcision nor uncircumcision holds any intrinsic value. These external markers do not contribute to one’s spiritual well-being. Some individuals mistakenly believed that uncircumcision made a positive difference in their religious standing. However, Paul firmly dismisses such notions. Our approval before God does not rest on superficial rituals but on faith expressed through love.

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Faith’s Vitality and Power

The phrase “faith operative through love” signifies that faith in Christ demonstrates its vitality and power through the love it produces in us. This love is not an external addition to faith; it is an inherent outcome. When we truly comprehend and embrace Christ’s love for us, it becomes a transformative force that influences every aspect of our lives. Paul himself experienced this reality, as seen in his writings. Genuine faith inspires love, and love motivates obedience to God’s commandments.

The Work of the Spirit

The ability of faith to operate through love is made possible by the Holy Spirit. Only through the work of the Spirit does Christ’s love become influential and powerful in our souls. Without the Spirit’s enabling, our faith remains stagnant and lacks the warmth of love. Faith, empowered by love, sets us free from the constraints of legalistic obedience. It infuses our lives with a genuine desire to honor and serve Christ, transforming us into new creatures.

In conclusion, our faith in Jesus Christ is not a mere intellectual belief or adherence to external practices. It is a living and active faith that is energized and expressed through love. May we continually seek to deepen our relationship with Christ and allow His love to compel us to live a life of faith and obedience.

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