A Tale of Revenge

Today, I will be providing an analysis of the initial two volumes in Scarlett St. Clair’s Hades Saga series. Lately, this author has been making waves in the literary world, so when I stumbled upon these recent releases, I couldn’t resist the urge to delve into them! If you have a fondness for Hades and Persephone, then read on to discover my comprehensive thoughts on these books.

A Battle of Destiny

Hades, the inflexible God of the Underworld, is renowned for his dictatorial reign, extravagant nightclubs, and irrefutable deals. Accustomed to having control, he is wholly unprepared to learn that the Fates have selected his future wife and queen — Persephone, the Goddess of Spring.

In spite of being attracted to the god, Persephone, an ambitious student of journalism, is determined to expose Hades for his merciless and brutal ways.

Hades finds himself faced with an unimaginable challenge — proving his future bride wrong. Despite his best efforts, there are forces conspiring to keep the two separated, and Hades comes to the realization that he will go to any lengths for his forbidden love, even if it means defying Fate.


Trigger Warning: This book contains themes of sexual assault and drugging.

Hades and Persephone hold a special place in my heart. Growing up, they were my favorite Greek myth, so I feel absolutely thrilled that Greek retellings have gained popularity, leading to more publications featuring them. While many of the recent retellings I’ve come across are told from a dual perspective, A Game of Fate solely portrays the events from Hades’ point of view. As someone who may have never experienced love, Hades’ worldview is about to undergo a transformative shift. He never truly comprehended the all-encompassing power of love and how it can consume someone completely. However, when he encounters Persephone, his entire perspective undergoes a profound transformation.

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I particularly loved how St. Clair prominently features other Greek figures throughout this series. Consequently, Hades must decipher his own emotions, as well as Persephone’s love, while simultaneously attempting to fulfill his bargain with Aphrodite. Nonetheless, A Game of Fate lays bare Hades’ innate desire for control. Personally, I had no qualms regarding his sense of justice, as I genuinely believe he possesses a unique sense of justice, even if it doesn’t align with conventional expectations. On the other hand, Persephone, as depicted in A Game of Fate, remains strongly connected to her mortal roots and advocates for mercy.

In A Game of Fate, the story primarily revolves around whether Persephone and Hades will ultimately unite. The romantic tension between them is undeniably steamy, especially once the chemistry between them ignites. Throughout the narrative, Hades grapples with how to effectively communicate his emotions and questions their ability to surmount the obstacles that lie in their path. Overall, if you have an affinity for steamy romance featuring Hades and Persephone, then this book might just be what you’re looking for! You can find A Game of Fate on sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, Bookshop.org, and The Book Depository.

A Quest for Vengeance

Hades, the God of the Dead, remains unwavering in his impartiality and unwillingness to bend the rules. He makes no exceptions, not even for gods or mortals, including his lover, Persephone, the Goddess of Spring.

Usually, fear prevents retaliation. But not this time.

When Hera, the Goddess of Women, presents Hades with a plan to overthrow Zeus, he declines to offer any assistance. In response, Hera metes out a punishment, condemning Hades to undertake a series of laborious tasks. Each endeavor appears more insurmountable than the last, diverting his attention away from Persephone — who, due to her own tragic circumstances, is beginning to question whether she can truly become the Queen of the Underworld.


Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher. However, this has not influenced my review, which remains unbiased and honest.

Trigger Warning: This book contains themes of sexual violence and suicide.

In A Game of Retribution, the central conflict revolves around whether Persephone and Hades can truly endure as a couple. Will their romantic chemistry evolve into something more substantial and lasting? At first glance, this may seem reminiscent of A Game of Fate. However, A Game of Retribution delves deeper into the theme of Hades and Persephone working together to overcome their challenges, the lack of trust between them, and their respective pasts. It explores all the obstacles that arise during their relationship, testing the stability of their potential union and breeding insecurity.

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Similar to its predecessor, A Game of Retribution exudes passion, never skimping on the steaminess factor. Additionally, it expands further on their relationship and the world they inhabit. Naturally, the path to their happiness will never be devoid of trials. There will always be individuals who offer their unsolicited opinions or try to drive a wedge between them. Consequently, Hades and Persephone must reevaluate their priorities and ascertain what truly needs to change in order to make their union work. As a sequel, A Game of Retribution proves to be an engaging installment, maintaining its sensual allure while delving deeper into the intricacies of their relationship and their surroundings. You can find A Game of Retribution on sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, Indiebound, Bookshop.org, and The Book Depository.


What is your favorite retelling of Hades and Persephone’s mythological romance?

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